Take a Golf Lesson Today Using Nothing More Than Your Smartphone!

Take a golf lesson today using nothing more than your smartphone!

In today's day and age of new and improved technology everything is done via an app on your phone.  Now you have the opportunity to receive virtual golf coaching from me no matter where you are in the world!  

By using an app called CoachNow, I can analyze your swing and give you video tips and drills to work on. Once you purchase your virtual coaching session I will set you up in your own personal training space inside the CoachNow app.  You can record your swing using the camera on your smartphone, post it in your training space, then I will analyze your swing and give you video tips and drills to work on before your next virtual coaching session.

Playing your best golf ever just got so much easier!

Virtual Coaching Prices are :

$9.99 for One (1) Virtual Coaching Session

$24.99 for Three (3) Virtual Coaching Sessions

Please allow 24 hours for your virtual coaching to be completed.  Once it is complete you will receive an email and a push notification on your smartphone that your coaching session is ready to be viewed.

Purchase your virtual coaching session below!

Unlimited Virtual Coaching Sessions!

Just because we're all quarantined doesn't mean you can't work on your golf swing!

Normally I offer unlimited virtual coaching sessions for $99,


Since we are all stuck at home I'm going to give you


You'll receive unlimited virtual coaching sessions until January 31st 2021 if you sign up by

April 30th 2020!

That's 9 months of unlimited virtual coaching sessions for only $99!

All lessons will be conducted on your smartphone using the CoachNow app.  

Once the unlimited coaching session is purchased, I will set you up with your very own training space on the app so we can start working together right away!  

Buy your unlimited coaching session today and start playing your best golf ever!

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